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Process of rolling steel production

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Steel ingots or billets of different shapes and shapes are rolled into steel in shape and performance to meet the requirements. A series of processes are required, and the combination and sequence of these processes are called process. Due to the wide variety of steel, specifications, shapes, steel grades and uses, the process of rolling different products is different.

Correctly determining the technological process is of great significance for ensuring the output, quality and cost reduction of the product.

The process of rolling steel production is quite complex. With the improvement of the quality of the rolling products, the expansion of the range of varieties and the application of new technology and new equipment, the various processes of the process will be changed accordingly, but the process of the whole rolling process is always made up of the following basic processes:

1, billet preparation: including surface defect cleaning, surface oxide scale removal and pre heat treatment of billet.

2. Billet heating is an important process in the process of hot rolling.

3. Rolling of steel is the core of the whole rolling process. The blanks are rolled to complete the deformation process. The rolling process plays a decisive role in the quality of products.

The quality requirements of rolling products include three aspects: product geometry and dimensional accuracy, internal organization and performance, and product surface quality. The task of making rolling regulations is to put forward reasonable technological parameters on the basis of in-depth analysis of the characteristics of rolling process, to meet the above quality requirements and to make the rolling mill have good technical and economic indicators.

4, finishing: it is the last process in the process of rolling production, and it is also a more complicated process. It plays a final role in guaranteeing the quality of products. The technical requirements of products are different, and the content of finishing process is also very different. The finishing process usually includes the cutting or coiling of steel, cooling after rolling, straightening, heat treatment of finished products, surface cleaning of finished products, and various kinds of color painting.

What is the basis for making the process?

Certain processes that constitute the production process must not be arbitrarily chosen. The main basis for making the process process is:

1, the technical conditions of the product: the product technical conditions stipulate the quality requirements of the product, that is, the precision of the geometry and dimension of the product, the internal organization and performance and the surface quality of the steel are clearly stipulated, so it is the primary basis for the formulation of the process.

2, the processing performance of steel grades: the processing properties of steel include deformation resistance, plasticity and the tendency to form defects. It reflects the difficulty of steel processing, determines and affects the way and method of steel processing. It is obvious that it is an important basis for making process.

3, the scale of production: Generally speaking, the scale of production has two meanings, namely the size of the enterprise and the size of each product.

4, product cost: cost is a comprehensive reflection of production effect. Generally speaking, the worse the performance of the steel processing technology, the higher the technical requirements of the product, the more complicated the process, the higher the consumption of metal, fuel, electricity, labor and so on in the production process, and the cost of the product will be improved accordingly. On the other hand, the cost is reduced. Therefore, to some extent, the cost is a reflection of the reasonableness of the technological process.

5, the working conditions of the workers: the procedures adopted must ensure safe production without polluting the environment, otherwise proper protective measures should be taken.

It should also be pointed out that the basis for making the process is interrelated and interrelated. Any unilateral emphasis on one aspect will bring adverse consequences to production.

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