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Yongkang starts the creation of "China hardware products free trade agreement implementation innovation demonstration zone"

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Yongkang officially launched the "China hardware products free trade agreement implementation innovation demonstration zone", and became the first county in the province to create the demonstration area.

Chen Jingrong, director of the Zhejiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the director of Jinhua inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Zhou Jianqing, deputy secretary of the Yongkang Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of Yongkang, and Zhu Zhijie, the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the inspection and quarantine, as well as the members of the leading group, the representatives of the industry association and the representative of the enterprise, attended the ceremony.

It is reported that the creation of the "China hardware trade agreement implementation innovation demonstration zone" will revolve around the strategic goal of "speeding up the implementation of the free trade zone strategy to win the initiative of international competition", and in accordance with the working mechanism leading by the government, the linkage of the departments and leading the leading role, giving full play to the comparative advantages of the region and industry and mobilizing the government. The government and social organizations actively participate in the implementation of the free trade agreement, further expand the training of professional talents, improve the record rate of the enterprises of origin and the awareness of foreign trade enterprises, improve the utilization level of the preferential tariff policies of the free trade agreements, improve the profit level and competitiveness of enterprises and industries, and build the Chinese hardware capital into a "self" Trade agreements use demonstration effects and demonstration areas of "demonstration effect of origin visa reform" to lead and drive the implementation of the Zhejiang free trade agreement and boost Yongkang's products into the "one - way" country.

Yongkang is the first county-level city in China to become a demonstration city of strong city quality. It is the leader of "made in Jinhua". It is also the famous "capital of China hardware", and the hardware industry cluster has been rated as "the 100 best industrial cluster in the country". Zhu Zhijie said that the establishment of China's hardware products free trade agreement to implement the creation of innovative demonstration zones is significant and far-reaching. The Central Committee of the party and the State Council are implementing a new round of free trade zone strategy. The economic work conference of the provincial Party committee also proposes to build a new open pattern with the construction of the China (Zhejiang) free trade zone test area as the leader. Yongkang economy is a typical export-oriented economy. The products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions, and the innovation demonstration zone of China's hardware trade agreement will be created. It will further stimulate the vitality of Yongkang's economic opening and improve the standardization level of manufacturing and the level of opening to the outside world in Yongkang.

In recent years, the Zhejiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau has conscientiously implemented the national free trade zone strategy and the "area and one road" initiative, deepened the reform of the origin visa system, took the lead in the national inspection and quarantine system to carry out the "three year growth plan for the implementation of the FTA", and implemented the "national inspection compass", "innovative demonstration" and "double support". The three major projects have greatly enhanced the awareness of policy, the utilization of trade agreements and the rate of visa growth, and endeavour to help enterprises to use the policy of origin to enjoy the import tariff concessions, to improve the competitiveness of export products and to contribute to the healthy development of the export-oriented economy.

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