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2018 hardware industry "draught" has arrived, are you ready?

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In the past year, the hardware industry is calm under the surface of the surface of the surface turbulence, the retail industry's "shop tide" seems to have come here, the core competitiveness of the hardware enterprises continue to sing, and the pursuit of short-term benefits, the core competitiveness of the enterprises can not form a dark field.

The rise of the leading enterprises and further subdivision of the market

In the past year, a large number of hardware and materials enterprises have been listed on the market. On the one hand, the industry has accumulated a large number of enterprises with strength after more than 20 years of accumulation and precipitation. At the same time, it also shows that the market's attention to the hardware industry has further improved. Enterprises with strong ups and actions have also enhanced their own core competitiveness while shuffling the industry.

Production advantage and service value will be the key to winning

With the development of productivity and the improvement of science and technology, market competition has changed from competing for resources to competing for demand. Many enterprises have adopted ways such as "price reduction, profit making" and "discount" to attract customers. Although discount prices have stimulated some consumers' desire to buy, it has been proved that this can not attract people's eyeballs for a long time to achieve brand building and increase market share.

For consumers, in the case of the convergence of the quality of the goods and the difference in the price, more things will be required in the consumer psychology. This is the demand for the service. The content that the enterprise can provide value-added to the consumer outside the product can only be considerate, real and convenient. Therefore, service competition will take the place of commodity competition and price competition, and become an important part of the new market competition, and service marketing will eventually become the inevitable trend of market competition and development.

Facing the rapid development of market environment and fierce market competition, the importance of service value to enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. Hardware enterprises should not only create strong product brands, but also establish their core competitiveness through building an advantageous service brand strategy.

There are more and more talents in the industry, and the cost of labor will be multiplied

Affected by the rise of the Internet economy and the emerging economy, the practitioners in the hardware industry show a decreasing trend, and the attention of the new generation to the hardware industry is decreasing. There is a shortage of labor force and the shortage of labor is increasingly serious. From the strategy of the state's balanced economic development, the planning of the future population will be reorganized and the labor market will be short, which will bring a great impact on the employment of the home building materials industry. The cultivation and cultivation of industrial workers will become a problem that hardware industry has to face in the future.

The price of the hardware industry will be further promoted

Under the drive of national macro strategy, material cost, environmental cost, logistics cost and labor cost have been further stimulated and increased. Cost promotion has become an irreversible fact. In this case, the hardware industry must rationally digest and correctly guide the adverse effects of this trend to the development of the industry.

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