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How can nail clippers be used to cut nails correctly?

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Nail clipper too short, even short to close to the flesh, when taking things, grasping, doing housework, nails are easily separated from the nail bed and do not have the protective effect. For a long time, the two ends of the fingernails may grow to the inside. When it is serious, it will appear "ingrown toenail" and even induce parotitis.

Be careful, careful and patient to cut your nails. Our fingernails are about 0.5-0.7 millimeters per week. We recommend that they be trimmed once a week. When you cut your nails, you can also do some simple hand and finger massage to help promote blood circulation and provide enough nutrients for your fingernails. You can also choose some armor oils to keep your nails bright and tough. Besides, you should wash your hands frequently. You can not guarantee personal hygiene by simply cutting your nails.

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