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Hardware industry seize the opportunity of "one way and one way"

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After the history entered the modern industrial society, the hardware industry has developed rapidly and played an inestimable role in the development of the national economy, and the hardware products have become an indispensable industrial link in the industrial manufacturing. The future industry research institute "China hardware industry development prospects and investment strategic planning analysis report" points out that the annual export of hardware products in China is expected to remain 10-15% growth in the future.

"Along the way" opportunity "go out of business opportunities"

The total import and export of China and the country along the road along the road in 2016 was 6 trillion and 300 billion yuan, up 0.6%. Of which, exports were 3 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 0.7%, and imports of 2 trillion and 400 billion yuan, an increase of 0.5%. As the important strategic planning and future development and deployment of the country, the hardware industry sniffing the unlimited "business opportunities" and going out - can make the industry and enterprise itself not limited to the domestic market, but roam in a wider international market. When the vigorous hardware and electronic industry meets the strategic opportunity of "one way and one way", what kind of spark will collide? "The one along the road" strategy promotes bilateral trade cooperation and strong joint into the development trend, and the hardware industry of our country will be greatly developed with it.

The implementation of the "along the way" initiative requires a global vision and an international perspective. The hardware enterprises only get out of the door, and do well in technology research and development, quality assurance and so on in the domestic market. They should also set up the consciousness and thinking of going out, actively play their own comprehensive advantages, enhance the awareness and ability to configure global resources, manage global business, and integrate into the "one band and one way" atmosphere. In the early December of last year, the Jingdong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Southern China City, the two sides strong and strong, and the Southern China city network and Jingdong joint research and development of the hardware business platform of the hardware business city, the two sides around the B2B e-commerce business business. Cooperation should be carried out to achieve complementary advantages of resources. The continuous innovation and development of the "Internet +" model has also gradually found the new direction and business opportunities in the allocation of global resources in the hardware industry.

Global strategic vision to play the advantage of resource integration

In the future global integration market, cooperation, integration, complementarity and win-win will become an important measure to meet and win the market. In May of this year, Southern China city network hardware commercial city, first times for the national public recruitment of high-quality suppliers, is learned, this is only the first step of the strategic upgrading and development of the hardware business city. Next, we will continue to introduce quality hardware brands to the world, give full play to the advantages of resources integration, and establish a core global supply chain. With this global vision and strategic thinking, Southern China city network hardware mall has brought together a large number of well-known domestic and foreign brands of high quality hardware products, rich category, massive SKU, in solving the large buyer's one-stop purchasing demand advantages alone, for the big trend of the Internet to grab the predominant traditional enterprises have brought the mastery. On the occasion of opportunity, online one-stop purchasing mode breaks through the limitations of traditional procurement mode and brings about disruptive influence on enterprise procurement.

Big era needs big pattern, big pattern needs great wisdom. "Along the road" is designed to build an inclusive development platform. Mutual benefit and win-win is an important principle of this strategy. It is not out of date to innovate, and it is not backward to embrace change. The development of the Internet is in the middle of the day. The integration and optimization of supply chain resources has become the inevitable trend of the future development. The rise of hardware B2B is inevitable. The one-stop hardware procurement platform, represented by the Nancheng network hardware business city, is worthy of the industry's expectation.

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