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Future market prospect of hardware industry

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After more than 30 years of development, China's hardware industry has a prominent position in the world, and has become a major producer and seller of hardware in the world. Industry sales exceeded 100 billion yuan, exports exceeded 14 billion dollars. With the continuous application of modern scientific and technological achievements in the industry, the competition of the hardware and electrical industry is becoming more and more fierce, forming the distribution and distribution of hardware products such as Shandong Linyi, Zhejiang Yongkang, Hunan Shaodong, Sichuan Dazhu and other hardware products, especially Zhejiang Yongkang enjoys a high reputation in the world. Under the full drive of domestic economy, international trade and China's real estate industry, a large number of hardware parts are in great demand, the scale is expanding rapidly, and it is constantly pushed to mature in the competitive market environment.

Future market prospects can be expected to get the first opportunity for pain point

According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the turnover of mechanical and electrical products and equipment in 2015 was 148 billion 370 million yuan, and it was expected to reach 178 billion 530 million yuan in 2018, with an average growth rate of 7.4%. China, as the largest steel producer in the world and a country with a large population in the world, has the advantages of low cost of raw materials and labor in manufacturing hardware. In recent years, China's hardware export has maintained a steady growth trend, and has become the largest manufacturer and exporter of hardware products in the world. It is expected to come out of the future every year. The amount of the mouth will remain 10%-15%.

Good international and domestic market environment has brought unlimited development prospects to the hardware industry, but our product quality, brand awareness, circulation channel construction are still backward, the product added value is low, the profit space is narrow, and the development of the industry is greatly restricted. China is a hardware electric power country but not a powerful country. Development still faces difficulties and challenges.

There are a large number of distributors in the distribution channels of hardware production materials in small and medium enterprises in China, and the size is different. Most of the products usually pass through four or five layers of transaction to the end enterprise users. The long sales chain makes it impossible for the manufacturers and the end users to communicate directly, and the manufacturers and dealers are short of effective. Communication and cooperation mechanism, the dealer is very little the product sales trend, customer resources and other information to the manufacturer, so the hardware and electrical industry faces a lot of pain points.

There is an opportunity for a pain point. The present is the breaking year of the development of the hardware industry, the surging tide of the Internet + driving the continuous innovation of the supply chain of the hardware industry. Traditional ecosystem is broken, integrated and restored. Hardware development is facing new opportunities and new challenges.

The development of the hardware industry is at a time when the Internet + trend is obvious

According to statistics, it is predicted that by 2018, the scale of China's e-commerce B2B market will be 15 trillion and 300 billion yuan. Since 2010, investors have focused more on B2C, but the global B2B market is larger than B2C. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the total volume of online transactions is expected to be two times that of B2C in 2020, reaching 6 trillion and 700 billion US dollars. At present, the industrial development of the European and American traditional tool manufacturing countries is facing recession. China's hardware industry is developing towards industrial centralization, diversification, specialization, Internet +, higher education.

Industrial centralization

The regional development characteristics of the hardware and electrical industry are obvious. For many years, the industrial advantages are gradually formed from scratch and from small to large. Shandong Linyi manual tools, Zhejiang Yongkang middle and low end electric tools, Ningbo brand manual tools, Jiangsu Qidong brand electric tools mechanical and electrical equipment, Hebei Yongnian standard parts manufacturing are all in large scale. Potential and cost advantages.


The division of labor in the global manufacturing industry is clear. China has competitive advantages and opportunities in the middle and low end hardware and electrical products. All parts of the country have built the specialized hardware market of hardware in succession. At present, it has formed the pattern of the rational collocation of the origin type and the circulation type, the large and the medium and the small, the comprehensive and the single type, and complement each other.


With the impact of the regional procurement distance on the passenger flow, the hardware and electrical market trading in the industrial agglomeration area presents two trend trends: first, because of the large professional market in the industrial agglomeration area, the global competitive products and technical experience, and the distributors of all kinds of supporting products, the trade to the large and specialized market and the specialized market. Comprehensive market concentration; two, market transactions to large business operators, this format will promote the integration and restructuring of the professional market. As a hardware business enterprise, we can build the core of the operation here, select the advantage products, use the advantages of inventory and logistics, to meet the customers' small batch and multi class purchasing demand.

Internet plus

The era of "Internet +" model is coming, and the hardware industry has found a new direction. Traditional hardware enterprises are constantly testing the water line under the threat of electricity providers. Under the tide of the Internet, the frequency of Internet applications is getting higher and higher. With the vigorous development of the Internet economy and the continuous deepening of the supply side reform, supply chain integration and optimization will become the inevitable trend of the future electricity supplier development. The B2B platform, which stands on the Internet plus the tuyere, is becoming the new favorite of the capital market and the media. In the industry's influential B2B industry media "B2B internal reference" in March this year, the grand unveiling of the 2016 annual list of B2B, flute wind holiday, cloud flavoring, easy mining network, Southern China city network won the top four top four. As the hardware industry B2B platform in the four strong enterprises, Southern China city network will rely on its own vertical B2B platform advantages to plough the hardware industry, through the entity + network three-dimensional operation, the Tencent 1 billion 500 million Hong Kong dollar strategy into the Southern China city brand endorsement, a safe bank as a reliable fund trusteeship,

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