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Hardware tools lack competitiveness, products need innovation and upgrading urgently

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China is a big country in the production and export of hardware tools. Most of the electric tools sold worldwide are produced and exported from our country, which makes China the main electric tool supplier in the world. However, from the overall form of the domestic hardware tool industry, most of the enterprises are still in the stage of producing low end products and OEM, and the competitiveness of domestic hardware tools in the world is still unable to show.

China's hardware tool products lack core competitiveness

After more than 20 years of development, the hardware tool industry has become one of the industries with deep foundation, and the market potential is huge. Hardware tools belong to labor-intensive industries, and our country has a traditional competitive advantage. However, because of our country's hardware tools production technology and international level still a lot of gap, many enterprises have no new product R & D department, and some enterprises even do not even professional and technical personnel. Therefore, China's hardware and tools products can only compete with international products at a low level.

In recent years, domestic and international demand is booming, and the hardware and tools industry has entered the gold sales period. Because of the high cost of local labor, the developed countries of Europe and America choose to transfer the production of middle and low end products to the developing countries, and only produce high value-added products. At present, the developed countries occupy the high hardware tool market in the world, and the hardware tools in China occupy the main position in this field, and there is still a long way to go. In the new era, China's hardware and tools enterprises need to transform and seek new development.

Hardware tool products should pay attention to new technology research and development

The famous hardware tool enterprises in foreign countries pay great attention to the new design of the products. The R & D departments belong to a large number of investigation and research for the users every year, and on this basis, we redesign the function and the shape of the products. International famous hardware tool company STANLEY and other OEM ordering in China, every year there are new products. Many hardware enterprises in China are not convinced of the new design and development. The production version of hardware tools is still old.

In recent years, the demand for hardware tools has increased year by year in the fields of machinery, precious stones, medical instruments, wood, fiberglass, stone crafts, ceramics and composite Nonmetal Hard and brittle materials. At present, these products still rely on imports, so we must develop high-quality series of hardware tools as soon as possible to replace imports.

As a hardware tool enterprise, we should constantly carry out product innovation, train professional R & D team, and realize the localization of high-end products at an early date. The development of industrial clusters, the promotion of industry optimization and upgrading, so that the industry group's competitive advantage is more clear. Hardware and tools enterprises should develop products in a targeted way while exploring the foreign market while stabilizing the domestic market. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the hardware tool market at home and abroad, we must speed up the development of new products, improve the quality of the products, increase the variety, and increase the output.

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