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Dont look down on the "technical content" of the nail clippers

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According to the people's daily, the domestic nail clippers are a big difference compared with the international fine products. This is not only reflected in the process, but also in the variety and design. Nail clippers have always been considered low in technology in our country and are placed in unconspicuous corners in supermarkets. In Germany, Japan and South Korea, even if nail clippers are only accessory products, they will also design and develop different functions to adapt to different groups of people. The small nail clippers truly reflect our distance from the international advanced manufacturing level.

The driving force of product R & D comes from confidence in market exploration, and how to define "product market" is restricted by ideas. If the enterprise can not refine the consumption group and do not study the consumption demand of modern people, there can be no innovation. To operate the small nail clippers as a "big deal" requires enterprises to come up with a "craftsman spirit".

The so-called "craftsman spirit" is to carve and improve, to make the product fully fit the needs of customers. For enterprises, innovation is the spirit of craftsmen, and conscientious and responsible service is also the spirit of craftsmen. Now many people think that Chinese enterprises and handicraftsmen do not have the spirit of craftsman, but this is not the case.

For example, in CCTV's "I love invention", there are often "persistent craftsmen" who are persistent, careful and innovative. But they tend to "fight alone" at home. Before the product is successful, it is difficult to get the support of the enterprise. This is obviously not conducive to the growth of the "craftsman".

Now that the global market is open and enterprises want to get a share of the market, the first thing to do is to improve their own quality and invest in innovation. With nail clippers as an example, it is reported that at present, there are a few enterprises producing nail clippers in China. Through the study of the market, new products are constantly introduced, and a small nail clipper is made into a large commodity category suitable for the different needs of the low, middle and higher consumption groups.

China is a big manufacturing country. Now we advocate the "supply side reform". For the manufacturing industry, this kind of reform requires more refined and refined products, thus transforming from "made in China" to "Chinese quality making".

It should be said that now China has concentrated the world's larger processing and production capacity, and to improve the added value of the manufacturing industry, we need to have an international perspective, and take the thinking of consumers to examine an industry and manage an industry from the perspective of the industrial chain, not only production and production, but also to design product design.

Each enterprise should reflect on the "small matter" of "a big cut" of domestic nail clippers, cultivate their own "craftsmen" and give them a stage, perhaps nail clippers and other small commodity technology upgrading space is not big, but refine the use of the population, improve the ability, also is to upgrade the "technology" of the "technology". Content ", which is precisely the" craftsman spirit "needed by China's small commodity manufacturing industry.

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