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2017 hardware industry ushered in the five trend of development

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China is becoming an international hardware processing power and export power, with huge market and consumption potential. All kinds of daily hardware products developed by our country rank the top in the world, and have achieved good economic returns and reputation. Today, hardware companies want to develop and seize opportunities. They must understand the industry trends and make corresponding upgrading and transformation. The following are the five major trends that will be welcomed by the hardware industry in 2017.

Trend 1: pay attention to environmental protection and energy conservation and develop green technology.

Nowadays, low carbon environmental protection has become the current trend. As early as the China International Hardware Expo in March 2016, a group of visionary companies have launched a series of environmental protection and energy saving products, such as the hawk's outdoor tools. Because of its awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, Eagle printing has vigorously developed green technology, and new hardware products developed are widely welcomed by customers. It is understood that eagle seal has entered into cooperation with Southern China city network and will soon enter the Southern China city network hardware and electrical mall to serve more hardware buyers. In the future, the development trend of environmental protection and energy conservation will be more significant, the new technology will continue to appear, the more green and the more profitable, this point in the hardware industry has not been declared.

Trend two: enhance brand awareness and carry out brand promotion

Brand promotion is a powerful tool for the development of the company. The strong brand of high brand awareness, high premium ability, high brand loyalty and high sense of value is the hidden value and core competitiveness of the hardware company. Nowadays, the concept of consumers is changing and brand awareness is gradually increasing. When choosing hardware products, brand has become the first element of purchasing decisions. It can be seen from the hot selling of Jie Jie tools, STANLEY and other brands that the competition in the future market will become brand competition.

Trend three: the change of consumption concept, the perceptual turn to reason.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the popularity of hardware products is becoming more and more popular, and consumers' understanding of the hardware industry has also changed. The vague consumption of the past has gradually become clear, abandoning the traditional perceptual consumption that only attaches importance to appearance and style, and to pay more attention to the rational consumption of quality and grade. Consumers pay more and more attention to the hardware industry, and become more and more aware of.

Trend four: pay attention to network implementation and expand market channels.

The success rate of the traditional implementation forms of salesmen running in the market is decreasing year by year, and the advantages of the Internet are obvious under the rapid development trend of e-commerce. Through keyword optimization, independent establishment, participation in industry channels and other forms of implementation, and achieved good results, hardware industry has been widely valued. Nowadays, hardware enterprises are actively carrying out network implementation, or combining network implementation with traditional implementation forms. In the future, the Internet will become the leading force for hardware enterprises to open up the market.

Trend five: products go to intelligence and meet human needs.

It is understood that in the next few years, domestic hardware products will also move towards intelligent and humanized development. People have become more and more aware of the hardware products. The hot pot products, stainless steel insulation cups and the scooters in the past are all better to meet the needs of humanization, and have gained a lot of profit. In the future, some hardware products such as the construction category, if the design is based on simple devices and maintenance, and can install products and tools on their own, will be greatly expected by the market.

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