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The drop behind the small finger nail

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"Craftsman" is a valuable asset of a society and an important factor in promoting consumption. This year, the "craftsman spirit" was first written to the government work report, encouraging "personalized customization, flexible production", and advocating "variety, quality and brand", which not only caused the hot discussion of the consumers, but also received the attention of the producers. People who purse the drum are expecting more variety, better quality, better brand and more exquisite taste. "Craftsman spirit" has special significance for promoting consumption upgrading.

What kind of new consumption will a good craftsman produce? What kind of good craftsmen do new consumption need? This reporter lock-in the most familiar goods around you, from the variety, quality, brand, grade and other aspects of the market survey, in-depth analysis of the association of craftsmen and new consumption, to understand the new needs of the consumer group, to find the gap between us and the "craftsman spirit", and the direction of efforts to catch up, hope the vast consumption People and enterprises are also involved in the discussion.

As a daily necessities, nail clippers are often placed in the most inconspicuous corners of domestic supermarkets. They have long been considered to be of low technical content and seldom attracted much attention. Nail clippers made in China are generally coarser and are of the same variety, with a single variety. Some old brands even produce only two products for a long time. Beauty pincers, dead skin forceps, child special tongs, pet tongs, diagonal pliers and other special nail clippers are unfamiliar to most domestic consumers and enterprises.

Go abroad to buy Nail Clippers. What's the picture?

Compared with the top international products, the overall supply level of domestic nail clippers is far behind, not only in terms of technology, but also on varieties.

"These unique nail clippers are really handsome." In a duty-free shop on the street in Frankfurt, Germany, Xiao Qian, a tourist in Beijing, praised the Zwilling nail clippers in Germany, and bought eight or nine at once.

"The upper edge of this nail clipper is fully integrated into the lower edge, and it can not be scissors, so it is designed to be a revolving head. It can easily take the head out of the knife and then insert it back in, so that it is convenient to cut the nails by the left and right hands."

"This nail clipper's steel sheet is designed by reverse sleeve type. It doesn't need to flip, it's very fresh."

"This nail clipper uses a complete set of inlaid design, which not only makes it effortless to prune nails, but does not need to be worn in traditional ways after pruning, and fingernail crumbs will not spatter everywhere..."

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