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Classification and description of heat treatment furnace

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Heat treatment furnace is one of the important process equipment in mechanical manufacturing. It is mainly to heat the metal workpiece in a certain medium to the appropriate temperature, and to maintain a certain time at this temperature, and then cooling at different speeds. It is mainly a heat treatment equipment for annealing, tempering, quenching, heating and other heat treatment processes.

Product classification:

1. bell type furnace: a periodically operated heat treatment furnace heated by the heating material.

2. roller hearth furnace: heat treatment material is transported by roller hearth in the furnace, and furnaces can be arranged on the top and bottom of the furnace.

3. chain furnace: a conveyor belt type heat treatment furnace.

4. traction heat treatment furnace: the traction furnace is roughly divided into two kinds of horizontal and vertical types. It is widely used in tin, galvanized and silicon steel and stainless steel in cold rolled strip.

5. steel wire lead quenching furnace: a kind of traction heat treatment furnace, used for heating steel wire in lead bath before isothermal quenching.

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